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Railsgirls Hamburg



There is no meetup scheduleed right now, but we usually meet on el cuarto miércoles del mes.

The next meetup is supposed to be on 27 de junio de 2018, a las 19:30.

Reuniones anteriores


Do you want to give a talk at the meetup, or would you like to suggest a topic? Envíanos un E-Mail o un tweet: @railsgirlshh

  • André Cedik
  • Birte
  • Nina Siessegger
  • Meike
  • titanoboa
  • & 0x0F

If you would like to suggest a topic for our meetup, add it to our wishlist.


Join us for our monthly meetup open to former and future participants, coaches and everyon interested in Railsgirls Hamburg. You can learn more about our events on our Railsgirls Hamburg website.

  • Nina Siessegger
  • HuldaLa
  • Moritz Kröger
  • Stephanie
  • André Cedik
  • & 0x0F
  • Hosnia Najem
  • titanoboa
  • forza
  • Meike
  • Alisa Razumova
  • lisa1015
  • lieblingswelt
  • Sve Stu
  • Melanie
  • liljafreja
  • Ben Rexin
  • Anke
  • Gurkan Sevinc
  • Antje Drechsler
  • Lucas
  • n9na
  • Klaus Fl
  • Anni00
  • Joko_fv
  • Stefan Bauckmeier
  • Curie Kure
  • Julia Kallenberg
  • Mary
  • Birte

Mailing list

Stay up to date about upcoming events and learning groups or join a discussion about programming and Ruby on Rails


The Lugares where our meetup usually takes place.